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Organic Industry Structure

An organic industry chart published by Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC), Canada

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Organic Product Market in İzmir

This document provides the production statistics of organic products in the districts of Izmir province, and the information about organic market by the product types.

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Current Structure of Genetically Modified Crops and Consumers’ Perception in Adana

Genetiği modifiye edilmiş (GM) ürünler 1996 yılında pazara sürülmüştür. Bugün yaklaşık 90 milyon hektarlık alanda 21 ülkede GM ürünler üretilmektedir ve bu ürünler soya, mısır, pamuk, kanola, kabak ve papayadır. GM ürünlerin dünya çapında artan ekim alanları GM ürünlerin gelecekte benimsenmesinde ön...

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Evaluation Of Menus And Determination of Consumers’ Thoughts In Institutions Applying Mass Catering Services In Adana

In this study which carried by various catering companies that are located in Adana at 6 textile institutions, the menus of different seasons were collected 4 times monthly; the energy and nutrients of menus were calculated and their suitability to individuals’ requirements were examined. The menus ...

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Consumption Food Products Ready To Consumer Preferences Of The Effective Factors: Adana Province Case Study

In this study, food consumption of families in the province of Adana in three stock structure of food consumption habits and preferences of the group aimed to investigate the cause. Study prepared foods consumed by families, how often and when they consume, what types of foods they consume, and cons...

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The Consumption Building Of Chicken In Urban Area Of Adana Province

This study was carried in urban area of Adana, to chicken consumption and impact of their income on chicken consumption. At the same time the consumer's specifications, taste preferences and habits were also described. The data in this study was obtained by questionnaire from 300 household. In this ...

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