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Organik Tarımda İşletme Planlaması

Ekolojik tarıma yönelik temel bilgiler, geçerli olan yönetmelikler, işletme koşullarının iyi irdelenmesi, yetiştirme koşullarının ve pazar gereksiniminin bilinmesi ve tümünün bir arada incelenmesi durumunda başarı sağlanacaktır. Önemli diğer noktalar ise ana ve/veya yan ürünlere işletmede değer ...

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An Approach for Turkish Agriculture: Group Farming

The need for economic growth in agriculture was based on high efficiency in the utilization of all productive factors, especially land and machinery. The holdings on Turkish agriculture have many parts of land within the smallest parcels. Small scale of economy prevents to get high productivity of...

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Farm accounting workbook

'The Ontario Farm Accounting Workbook was developed in Excel 97 format to help you in managing your farm business. It is designed to meet the farm business record keeping needs for commercial farms. It is simple, yet complete enough to provide details for tax purposes, for credit and for an analysis...

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Purchasing Price Analysis Of Agricultural Machinery

It is necessary to know prices of machinery for various studies particularly agricultural mechanisation planning. To determine the machinery prices per unit is very important in order to establish a suitable park for the farm. In this study, the prices of machinery which have been manufactured in Tu...

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A Study On Mechanization Planning In Amik Plain, Database Formation Of The Possibilities Of Agricultural Machinery Ownership And Their Assessment

In this research, it was tried to determine the mechanization characteristics of Amik plain, which is located in Hatay province. It was also aimed to determine the optimum tractor pto powers and machinery capacities with respect to 5 different land sizes and 8 different crop patterns. Optimum values...

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Harvesting and Threshing Mechanization Of Rice In The Region Of GAP, Karacadağ

Combine tests were conducted in commercial rice fields that was carried out three replication according to the method of split divided experimental design, in Cınar town, near Karacadag region in Diyarbakır. This combine was used both directly and stationary. The objectives of this study was to dete...

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Current Stuation Of Contractual Seed Corn Production Signed In Kinik County Of İzmir Provience And Its Economical Assessment

This study is aimed to show the existing situation of the maize seeding in certain region in 2005, to expose running of the system, to analyze the applications in production of contractual maize seeding, to determine problems in the applications of maize seeding production and propose solutions, eva...

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Productivity Analysis Of Different Farm Types In Yüregir Plain In Adana

The purpose of this study is to determine farm types located in Yüreğir plain in Adana and to compare productivity indicators of farm types with each other. The farm types in the survey area were classified according to products which have more than 50% Gross Production Value in the total Gross Prod...

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Efficiency Analysis Of Corn Production: Case Of Sanliurfa Province

In this study, technical, allocative and economic efficiency measures are derived for a sample of corn producers in Ranlyurfa using the parametric Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) technique and nonparametric Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Efficiency measures obtained from the two frontier approa...

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HerdGuide-Turk: A Herd Management Software for Dairy Cattle Breeding

In general, improper housing, inadequate feeding, non-planned mating, diseases and reproductive problems are the most common problems in dairy cattle breeding. The research studies outlined that the lack of efficient information systems is one of the barriers in front of a successful dairy business....

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