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A typical village house

A typical rustic house in Uzuncaburç Village of Silifke, Mersin, Turkey. (1200 m, Taurus Mountains)

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Big Sorgun Highland

The view of Big Sorgun Upland during the winter season. Sorgun village known as the big sorgun upland is one of the oldest villages of Erdemli town of Mersin and it is 52 km from the district center. Livestock productions of small ruminants are carried out at this residential area at an altitude of ...

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The Geographical Basis of Sugar Beet Agriculture in Turkey

This article describes how the physical and human factors affect the cultivation of sugar beet in Turkey.

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People's Opinion About Wind Power Plants In Rural Areas : Case Study In Hatay

The demand of electricity in Turkey grows everyday. Turkey has to import electric energy from outside or use renewable energy resources. Turkey has plenty of renewable energy resources which are still not utilized. Wind energy is one of those alternative energy resources which help development in Tu...

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Women Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas of Osmaniye

he participation of the women, who constitute half the world's population and the potential workforce and have to stay out of the working life due to gender-based obstacles, on the economy building their own business declines the unemployment and significantly supports the economical spurt. As in ma...

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Rural Youth Continuing To High School Education And Gender: Adana Province

This study has been conducted in order to introduce the ideas of the rural youth at high school, about gender roles. The high school students' groups in the plains, mountains and threshold villages in the province of Adana have been included in the study. According to the results of the study, it w...

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A Hamlet in Northeastern Anatolia

Ardahan İli Hanak İlçesi kırsalında meralar ve bir mezra.

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