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TrAgLor: A Multilingual Learning Objects Repository for Agriculture and Food Sciences

Learning object repositories are the systems that store learning resources and their associated metadata in order to provide efficient search and access mechanisms. The Turkish Agricultural Learning Objects Repository (TrAgLor) is a multilingual, domain specific, and IEEE LOM Draft Standard-compatib...

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Greenhouse Construction Technique

The topics on selection of right type and location for greenhouses are described in this learning material.

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A Survey on Identification of User Needs Regarding Linguistic Support for Organic.Edunet Portal

Interest in organically produced food is increasing throughout the world in response to concerns about intensive agricultural practices and their potential effect on human health as well as on the environment. However, organic agriculture in Turkey is still developing. The Organic.Edunet Web portal ...

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A Multilingual Web Portal Solution for Organic Agriculture and Agroecology Education in Europe

In this paper, Organic.Lingua aiming to enhance Organic.Edunet Web portal is introduced, and its automated multilingual services are discussed.

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3D Simulations Of Broiler Housings In The Broiler Enterprises In Çukurova Region

In this study, the agricultural enterprises which produce broiler for Çukurova region have been investigated from the point of structural way. The structural properties and details of an enterprise which was taken as model have been simulated as 3D. In addition to this, the simulation of an ideal e...

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The Changes, Some Views and Thoughts About The Future Of Animal Science Education In Turkey

In this article, some of the opinions and thoughts about the future of animal science education are discussed as parallely to the developments and changes in the structural changes in the agricultural Faculties in Turkey.

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Perceptions Of Faculty Members About Organizational Climate At Cukurova University Faculty Of Agriculture

The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions related to organizational climate of faculty members at Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture in 2003-2004 academic year. Also, it was analysed to determine whether or not there was a difference between gender, age, title, experience a...

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