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Determination Of The Cooling Efficiency And Temperature Drop Of The Fan-Pad Evoporative Cooling System In A Broiler House In Cukurova Region

The Çukurova region is situated in the subtropical climate belt. Therefore, temperatures in structures such as greenhouses and poultry houses rise above 30 °C in the summer months. This temperature increase creates a heat stress on the living production material. In order to prevent this stress evap...

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The Performance Characteristics Of One-Padded Cooling System Used Under Çukurova Conditions In Hen-House And The Temperature Dispersion In Coop

In Çukurova region which takes place in hot region zone, from the regional characteristics view, temperature increases over 30ºC especially in summer months in structures like greenhouse and coop. Heat’s that much rising causes stress based on temperature for living things. Padded evaporative system...

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Determining The Parameters For Application Of Fan-Ped System İn The Tunnel Type Ventilation Systems İn Poultry Houses

Studies that have been made for decreasing the negative effect of excessive heat on animals during summer breeding periods lead to new solutions at designing environmental control systems in poultry houses. Tunnel ventilation is one of the common systems which are used for achieving optimum environm...

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Constructional Properties, Mechanization Applications, Problems and Solution Suggestion of Poultry Houses of B roiler Chickens in Cukurova Region

The aim of this study was to develop suggestions for probable problems by determining the constructional conditions of poultry houses for broiler chickens, mechanization applications and problems in Cukurova region. The study was conductcd in 104 poultry houses exist in 43 broiler chicken enterprise...

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Temperature Dispersion in Longitudinal Axis of a Broiler House Equipped with Fan-Pad Evaporative Cooling System in Cukurova Region

Çukurova Region has a high potential in chicken meat and egg production. Almost ail broiler houses in this region are equipped with fan-pad evaporative cooling systems. All of these broiler houses are tunnel type and are longer (han 70 m. Adequate cooling efficiencies can not be achieved unless the ...

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Determination of the Cooling Efficiency and Temperature Decression of the Fan-Pad Evaporative Cooling System in a Broiler House in Cukurova Region

In this work, some functional properties of the pads used in evaporative cooling systems in poultry houses in the Cukurova region were investigated. The measured air flow rate through the pads was 1.41 m/s. The cooling system in the poultry house has been operated, depending on the temperature requi...

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