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Sığırlarda Üreme Bilgisi

Sığırlarda üreme, üreme organları anatomisi ve fizyolojisi, kızgınlık, tohumlama zamanı, kızgınlığın senkronizasyonu

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Suni Tohumlama

Sığırlarda yapay tohumlama

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Koyunlarda Üreme ve Döl Verimi

Bu sunuda koyunlarda üreme ve döl verimini ile ilgili yöntemler ve ilkeler basit ve anlaşılabilir şekilde sunulmaktadır.

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Egg of Japanese Quail

Egg of Japanese quail.

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Interpreting The Bulls Catalogs

This learning resource teaches how to read and interprete the identification catalogs of cattle breeding bulls.

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The Effect Of Melatonin Implants On Reproductive Performances Of Meat Type Ewes Raised On The Research And Implementation Farm Of The Faculty Of Agriculture /University Of Cukurova

This tudy was carried out on the randomly alloted 43 crossbred type Çukurova Meat Sheep raised in the Sheep Installation of Research and Implementation Farm of the Çukurova Universty/ Faculty of Agriculture. The ewes were divided into the treatment (21 ewes) and the control groups (22 ewes) at rando...

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Increasing of Heat on Meat-Type Sheep Using Exogen Hormon Treatments in Out Of Season

his study has been carried out at Research Farm of Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture in order to determine the most effective synthetic progesterone product to detect the oestrus rates of sheep. For this purpose 80 randomly selected Cukurova Meat Sheep (Chios x Awassi females mated Ile de ...

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The Effects of Body Condition Score and Its Changes on Reproductive Performance and Milk Yield in Dairy

The measurement of body conditions is very important in dairy cows and the herd management can properly be done by controlling the body energy reserves which are important in health, reproduction performance, and yield in this study, effect of body condition score (BCS) on reproductive on reproducti...

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The Reproductive Performance of Holstein Cattle Which Kept Intensive Dairy Unit Located Cukurova Region

In this study, in 30 year period (1973-2003) data were avaiblc from Black and White (BW) cattle breed kept at Research and Production Unit o f the University Cukurova Faculty o f Agricullture. In the study, 1655 parturation, 4717 breeding records were analysed and the results were discussed to asses...

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