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Designing An Organic Agriculture Information Portal For Turkey As An Semantic Web Application

Food security and environmental sustainability have been among the key issues in last decade. Organic agriculture is considered as remedity to guarantee both of these two issues and put into operation. Even though Turkey has a great potential, organic production in Turkey has been below this potenti...

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HerdGuide-Turk: A Herd Management Software for Dairy Cattle Breeding

In general, improper housing, inadequate feeding, non-planned mating, diseases and reproductive problems are the most common problems in dairy cattle breeding. The research studies outlined that the lack of efficient information systems is one of the barriers in front of a successful dairy business....

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Choosing An Optimal K in K-Means Clustering

Cluster analysis has been one of the widely applied data mining techniques because of its usefulness in discovering the meaningful information such as the structures and patterns in datasets. Although there are hundreds of the methods in clustering arena, there is no any best algorithm that fits to ...

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Efficiency of Random Sampling Based Data Size Reduction on Computing Time and Validity of Clustering in Data Mining

In data mining, cluster analysis is one of the widely used analytics to discover existing groups in datasets. However, the traditional clustering algorithms become insufficient for the analysis of big data which have been formed with the enormous increase in the amount of collected data in recent ...

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