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Designing Effective Questionnaires

This presentations shows how to design effective questionnaires and surveys

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Statistics in Genetics

The lecture notes are organized as follows: A very comprehensive introduction to genetics is given in Chapter 1. In Chapters 2 and 3 basic concepts from probability and inference theory are introduced, and illustrated with genetic examples. The following four chapters show in more detail how statist...

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The Classification Of Plant Extracts Using Hierarchical Cluster Methods For Bacteria And Protozoa Population In Rumen

In this study, utilizing various distance methods (euclid, city-block, minkowski) with regard to the effects of 14 different types of volatile oil achieved from incubations made with wheat fodder on pH, bacteria, protozoa numbers, hierarchical cluster methods (Within Group Linkage Method, Centroid L...

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Examining factor analysis methods comparatively and applying to animal husbandry trial

In this thesis, factor analysis and methods for factor analysis which included in the multivariate statistical techniques were comparatively evaluated for showing investigation of animal husbandry. Factor analysis and factor analysis methods explained in detail and making of analysis was showed step...

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Canonical Correlation Analysis and Its Application in Animal Sciences

In animal breeding researches, generally more than one character or variable are taken for measurement from the same animal. In order to determine the degree and direction of the linear relationships belonging to these obtained measurements, simple correlation analysis is usually preferred by resear...

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Research on Comparision of Lactation Curves in Milking Sheep Husbandry

In this study, the lactation records of 204 heads Awassi sheep that of raised at Gözlü State Farm of Turkey were taken as a animal material. The most suitable mathematical model of parameters for Awassi sheep milk curve were determined in this study as (1) Y(t) = atb e(-ct) , (2) Y(t) = a + bt +ctø ...

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Use and Comparison of Permutation Tests in Linear Models

F and t-test are generally used to test significance of hypothesis and/or model parameters. Although parametric tests are considerably effective, they can be ineffective when the assumptions needed by model are not provided, which is a usual stuation for many data sets. In this case, permutation te...

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Choosing An Optimal K in K-Means Clustering

Cluster analysis has been one of the widely applied data mining techniques because of its usefulness in discovering the meaningful information such as the structures and patterns in datasets. Although there are hundreds of the methods in clustering arena, there is no any best algorithm that fits to ...

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Comparison of K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithms on Different Cluster Structures

In this paper the K-means (KM) and the Fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithms were compared for their computing performance and clustering accuracy on different shaped cluster structures which are regularly and irregularly scattered in two dimensional space. While the accuracy of the KM with single pass was...

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