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Food Processing Wastes

Examination paper for the module Food Processing Wastes (AGRI 3134) for the BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology Level 3 students.

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Food Storage

This brochure which has been published for farmer's training describes the practical techniques and methods related to food storage.

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Development Of A Functional Snack Food Product With High Nutritive Value By Extrusion Method

The aim of this study is to produce a puffed, cereal-based snack; which was composed of corn flour, cornstarch, oat flour, chickpea flour, carrot powder and hazelnut; in order to balance the nutritional elements by combining different groups of food. The mixture whose composition and percentage of t...

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Sensory Chemical And Microbiological Changes Of Marinated Anchovy (Engraulis engrasicholus L., 1758 )

The aim of this study was to determine the sensorial, chemical and microbiological changes of marinated anchovy (Engraulis engrasicholus L., 1758) fillets stored at 0-2 °C. Total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N mg/N 100g), thiobarbituric acid (TBA, mg malonaldehyde/100g), peroxide (PV-meq/kg), free f...

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Chemical And Sensory Quality Changes In Peregrine Shrimp (Metapenaeus Stebbingi) Marinade During Refrigerated (+4 oC) Storage

In this study, the marination of peregrine shrimp, which is caught abundantly from the North Eastern Mediterranean Sea, offered for foreign and domestic markets, and chemical and sensory changes during the storage process of this marinated shrimp, were investigated. The marinating process was perfor...

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A Research On The Performance Assessment Of Food Businesses In Adana Province

This study aims to determine whether agri-food industries measure their performances and, if so, whether they use Business Performance criteria in their measurements. Adana province, located in an agricultural region, was selected for this purpose. It was also aimed to analyze whether agri-food busi...

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Effect of Some Quality Parameters on Maltodextrin Production

In this study, production of maltodextrin from corn starch was carried out under both industrial and laboratory-scale production conditions by using two different ?-amylase enzymes, named Clearflow AA and Spezyme Fred, which are commonly used in food industry. The effects of the parameters like conc...

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