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Kahve Çekirdekleri

View of roasted coffee beans to grind.

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The Experiments On Vegetables And Industrial Plant Drying By Microwave Energy

In this work, the drying of red pepper, spinach and tea leaves were investigated in a combined microwave–fan assisted convection oven. Spinach and tea leaves, red pepper were dried by using microwave, microwave-fan combination and fan drying. The effects of microwave power drying (180, 360, 540, 720...

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Drying By Microwave Energy Of Washed Red Pepper By Ozonated Water

In this thesis, a domestic microwave oven was used to dry red pepper flakes after washing it in 5-10 minutes with normal water corresponding of ozonated water. The main objective of this study was to determine the effects of the pulsing ratio (on time s/ off time s) on dryer time, energy consumption...

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Treatability of Olive Mill Blackwater Using Physical, Chemical, and Biological Methods

Black-water is generated as a result of oil production and causes major environmental problem. Various physical, chemical, and biological methods were applied for the treatment of blackwater obtained from local olive mill. High organic content and toxic substances in black-water render its treatment...

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Effects Of Different Postharvest Applications On Storage Period And Quality Of Whole And Fresch-Cut Tomatoes

This study was carried out in Cukurova University Agriculture Faculty Horticulture Department for two years 2005 and 2006. In the research, effects of different applications on storage period and quality factors of fresh-cut and whole tomatoes cv. Zorro harvested at different maturity dates were i...

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