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Isınmadan Kaynaklanan Hava Kirliliğinin Kontrolü Yönetmeliği

Bu Yönetmeliğin amacı; konut, toplu konut, kooperatif, site, okul, üniversite, hastane, resmi daireler, işyerleri, sosyal dinlenme tesisleri, sanayide ve benzeri yerlerde ısınma amaçlı kullanılan yakma tesislerinden kaynaklanan is, duman, toz, gaz, buhar ve aerosol halinde dış havaya atılan kirlet...

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Ziraat Mühendislerinin Görev ve Yetkilerine İlişkin Tüzük

Ziraat fakültelerini bitiren ziraat yüksek mühendisleriyle ziraat mühendislerinin ve yabancı ülkelerdeki ziraat fakülteleri veya ziraat yüksek okullarını bitiren ve denkliği Yükseköğretim Kurulu tarafından kabul edilmiş olan ziraat yüksek mühendisleri ve ziraat mühendislerinin görev ve yetkileri bu...

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Tarım Sigortaları Sistemi

Bu nesnede, devlet destekli yeni tarım sigortaları sistemi yasal mevzuat, sigorta havuzu paydaşları, sistemin temel özellikleri, risk ve kapsamı ile yapısal açıdan sunulmaktadır.

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Organic Farming Law of Turkey

The text of the Organic Agriculture Law No. 5262 accepted on 01.12.2004 and published in the Official Gazette numbered 25659 on 03.12.2004.

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Strategic Plan for Organic Farming in Turkey (2012-2016)

For achieving an effective, rantable and productive level on the use of available resources the details of strategic plan on organic farming in Turkey is presented in this report.

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Certification of Organic Agriculture in Turkey

This document, prepared by ECOCERT describes the procedures for applying for the certification of organic agriculture production in Turkey.

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Organic Fertilizers Regulation

This resource contains the text of regulation on the production, import and supply of organic, organomineral fertilizers and soil regulators including the others such as microbial and enzyme containing products for agricultural usage.

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Instruction on Additional Subsidies for Organic Livestock Production in Turkey - 2012

In this document, the institutions and organizations which will perform the additional supportive actions, and the details on principles and procedures which are related to subsidy payments to the farmers who are involved in organic livestock farming in Turkey are described.

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Directive for Applying Support Payment of Biological and/or Biotechnical Control in Plant Production

This Directive has been issued to regulate the support payments to the farmers who apply biological and/or bitotechnical control in the plant production such as tomato, citrus, apple, grape and greenhouse.

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Fisheries Information System Under Common Policy Comparison Of Protection And Control Policies Of Conformity

In this study, Turkey's aquaculture fisheries policy of the EU acquis in the framework of the twinning program, the results appearing in Fisheries Information System (SUBIS) of the EU Common Fisheries Policy of the basic elements of protection and control policies, eligibility was compared. As an ex...

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Problems Faced and Solution Recommandations In The Environmental Impact Assessment Aplications In Turkey

The aim of this study is evaluating the problems faced during Enviromental Impact Assessment (EIA) applications and developing solution suggestions related with this subject. In this study, beginning and development of EIA, applications in other countries, best available approach and opinions and pr...

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Occupational Health And Safety Legislation in Turkish Aquaculture Sector

Animal protein resources have been decreasing due to various constraints and fisheries also facing this complex problem. In terms of food security and healthy nutrition rights of human being it has significant importance to supply the markets with high quality animal protein consisting of fisheries ...

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