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İklim Değişikliği

Çevre ve Orman Bakanlığı iklim değişikliği web sitesi

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İklim Değişikliği ve Ormancılık

Karbon Döngüsü, Sera gazları Küresel ısınma, İklim değişikliğinin nedenleri ve etkileri, İklim Değişiklinin Tarihsel Süreci, BM İklim Değişikliği Çerçeve Sözleşmesi, Kyoto Protokolü, İklim değişikliği ve Türkiye, İklim değişikliğinde ormanların yeri, Sonuç ve Öneriler

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AGRI4CAST ImageServer

With the crop monitoring and yield forecasting activities of the AGRI4CAST Action, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) decision makers in the European Commission’s Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) are provided with timely, independent crop yield forecasts at European and ...

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FOODSEC ImageServer

MARS FOOD regularly receives daily, 10-daily and monthly outputs from the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast) atmospherical model. The original global data at a 1 degree resolution are preprocessed by Meteoconsult (Nl) and finally transformed into 0.5 degree grids. A time serie...

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The Physical Environment: an Introduction to Physical Geography

This online book covers following chapters: Essentials of Geography, Earth Systems and The Atmosphere, Radiation and Energy, Atmospheric Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation, Atmospheric Moisture, Weather Systems, Climate Systems, The Hydrosphere, Biogeography of the Earth, Soil Systems, Earth Mater...

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Global climate maps

Global climate maps developed by SD-Dimensions and the Agrometeorology Group of FAO's Sustainable Development Department.

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Observed Changes of Some Climatic Parameters of Şanlıurfa Province

The objectives of this study are to determine and interpret possible impacts of developments in industry, economy, irrigation, and urbanisation, accelerated with being partially put into effect of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), on monthly climatological observations covering years from 198...

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