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Water movement through roots

This animation follows the movement of a water molecule from the soil into a root where it encounters several paths of transport until it reaches the xylem.

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This animation details how water moves through plants and how various factors affect this movement.

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Plant Physiology

This excellent online book published by Sinauer Associates, Inc. covers all topics of plant physiology in 26 chapters. The book site also serves essays, study questions, readings and help services including topics.

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Bitki Fizyolojisi - Bitkilerde Büyüme ve Gelişme

Bitkilerde büyüme ve gelişme

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Bitki Fizyolojisi - Fotosentez

Bitkilerde fotosentez

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Chiling requirement of plants

In this learning object, chilling requirement of plants, defining chilling requirement and measuring methods, the chilling maps and their use are described.

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The Determination of Polyamines Content at Different Maturation Stages in Some Strawberry Varieties

This research was conducted in Agriculture Faculty Horticulture Department Research and Implementation Areas at Cukurova University and its laboratories in 2004-2005 years. In this research, yield per plant, fruit quality criteria and polyamines levels at different maturation stages of Sweet Charlie...

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Developing Probabilistic Chilling-Duration Maps In The Mediterranean Region Through Using Different Chilling Estimation Methods

This study, conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey, aimed at determining chilling durations in the region by using different chilling estimation methods and developing chilling maps at 50%, 80% and 95% probability levels. Long term yearly chilling durations for classic and Aron ...

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Investigation of Genetic and Physiological Responses of Some Citrus Rootstocks to Iron Chlorosis

In this work, 16 different citrus rootstock species, genera and cultivars were assessed for their tolerance to iron chlorosis. Different parameters were used to determine the level of iron hlorosis tolerance and to select individuals for breeding studies. Additionally, 16 genotypes (under ontrolled ...

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Determination Of Salinity Tolerance Levels Of Various Watermelon Genotypes

In this study, reactions of 15 different watermelon genotypes were screened for salt stress (at 75 ve 150 mM NaCl) in nutrient solution culture. Tolerance of genotypes to salt stress was correlated by shoot and root dry matter production, symptom score degrees, sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (...

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Investigation Of Low Temperature Stress In Tomato In Respect To Antioxidative Mechanisms

Low temperature stress is a major environmental factor limiting plant productivity. Low temperature stress causes severe depressions in yield in greenhouse grown tomato. In this thesis study 137 different tomato genotypes were screened for their efficiency to grow under low temperatures. In genotype...

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