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Toprak Analizine Dayalı Gübre Kullanımının Önemi ve Gübre Tavsiyesi

Toprak analizi, belli bir tarla toprağının gübre ihtiyacını ortaya koyar. Belli bir tarlayı temsil eden toprak örneği, laboratuvarda analiz edilerek içerisindeki bitki besin maddelerinin miktarları bulunur. Toprak analizi ekilen bitkinin iyi mahsul vermesi için hangi besinlerin ne oranda ve ne zama...

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Major Soils of the World

Soil is a 3-dimensional body with properties that reflect the impact of (1) climate, (2) vegetation, fauna, Man and (3) topography on the soil's (4) parent material over a variable (5) time span. The nature and relative importance of each of these five `soil forming factors' vary in time and in spac...

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This powerpoint presentation demonstrates the influence of topography on drainage, organic matter accumulation, and profile development.

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The Physical Environment: an Introduction to Physical Geography

This online book covers following chapters: Essentials of Geography, Earth Systems and The Atmosphere, Radiation and Energy, Atmospheric Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation, Atmospheric Moisture, Weather Systems, Climate Systems, The Hydrosphere, Biogeography of the Earth, Soil Systems, Earth Mater...

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Usage Possibilities of Sea Algae in Organic Agriculture

This study discusses the usage possibilities of sea algae as fertilizer in organic agriculture.

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Organic Fertilizers

An organic fertilizer refers to a soil amendment derived from natural sources that guarantees, at least, the minimum percentages of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Examples include plant and animal by-products, rock powders, seaweed, inoculants, and soil conditioners.

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Selecting and Using Organic Fertilizers

The purpose of this guide is to provide general selection and use information for organic fertilizers.

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Organic Fertilizers - The Basics

Organic fertilizers are generally by-products from animals or vegetables and minerals such as rock phosphates. Organic fertilizers come in a variety of forms, including granular, liquid and powder. This leaflet presents an overview of the importance of fertilizing plants in the home landscape, the b...

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Harms of Stubble Firing

This video describes the negative effects of agricultural stubble fires on the environment.

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Selection Of Phosphorus Deficiency-Resistant Tomato Genotypes And Characterization Of Phosphorus Efficiency Mechanisms By Morphological And Physiological Aspects

Low levels of available P in soils limit the plant production. Although total P concentrations are generally high in soils, because of some soil characteristics (low and high pH, high CaCO3, low organic matter etc.) in soils, it might be fixed in unavailable forms. Under P-limiting conditions, plant...

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Evaluation Of Nitrogen Budget Inputs And Outputs In Wheat And Corn Growing Areas In Lower Seyhan Plain

Nitrogen (N) is one of the major plant nutrients extensively used in plant production, its excess and unconscious use effect an important negative role in environment and human health. Therefore, nitrogen dynamics in soils need to be studied to determine the N-budget in a broader level to control an...

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