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Soil profile

Schematic drawing of the layers that make up the soil (horizons)

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Investigation Of The Effectıveness Of Soil Solarization Applications In Greenhouses And Mathematical Modelıng Of Temperature Distribution Of Soil Profile

Experiments were carried at Çukurova University Faculty of Agriculture Soil Science Department’s greenhouses covered by three different plastic types (normal PE, UV stabilized PE and UV+IR stabilized PE) Department Research area (summer period) between 2008-2009. Soil solarization set the second par...

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Investigating The Effects Of Soil Porosity, Soil Water Content And Carbondioxide Application On Soil Solarization In Greenhouses

The recognition of using solar energy for soil solarization in protected agriculture is gaining ground as the ecological awareness of the public has increased. The primary effect of solarization is to increase soil temperature. Determination of soil thermal properties is important the storage an...

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The Importance of Sulphur for Soil and Plant Nutrition

n recent years , S deficiency has been described as a limiting factor for crop production in most regions of the world. It has been determined that S deficiency decreases guality and yield of plant tissue, and its functions must be investigated more deeply. It has been reported in recent researchs t...

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Comparison Of Kjeldahl and Microwave Wet Digestion Methods for Determination of Total Nitrogen Content in Soil and Plant Samples

Determination of nitrogen content in soil and plant material is performed by the conventional Kjeldahl wet digestion followed by steam distillation and titration of ammonium (NH4 +) . Ammonium (NH4 +) determined in this procedure is the most reduced form of nitrogen but this method cannot detect oxi...

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