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Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Soil Maps

In this presentation, explaining the basics of remote sensing (RS) and geographic information systems (GIS), the current problems encountered in preparation of soil maps of Turkey and solution recommendations are listed.

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Map of Major Soil Groups in Turkey

This map shows the major soil groups in Turkey

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The Measurement Of Soil Water Content And Available Water Levels By TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) And The Calibration Of The Tool İn Various Soil Texture Classes

In this study, the calibration of TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) tool that is used recently commonly on the determination of soil water content that its determination is a basic need in the studies of soil hydrology, agricultural and engineering areas was conducted in different soil textures. For t...

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Development Of New Methods For Detailed Soil Mapping On Sloping Lands Using Geographic Information Systems And Remote Sensing Tecniques

In this study, it is attempted to develop new methods for the preparation of detailed soil maps for sloping lands in order to save time and lower costs. To achieve this goal 38 000 hectares of land was selected at the north of Adana, Turkey located between Seyhan and Catalan Dams. New methods were t...

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Creating Land Use Map For The Lands Of Observation And Application Farm Of Agriculture Faculty By Using Quickbird Satellite Datas

In this study, current land use maps were created and the study that was made by aır photography was updated for the Observation and Application Farm of Agriculture Faculty in Çukurova University. The pan- sharpened image of 0.6m. resolution was obtained by matching the panchomatic and multispectral...

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