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Temperature Dispersion in Longitudinal Axis of a Broiler House Equipped with Fan-Pad Evaporative Cooling System in Cukurova Region

Çukurova Region has a high potential in chicken meat and egg production. Almost ail broiler houses in this region are equipped with fan-pad evaporative cooling systems. All of these broiler houses are tunnel type and are longer (han 70 m. Adequate cooling efficiencies can not be achieved unless the ...

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HerdGuide-Turk: A Herd Management Software for Dairy Cattle Breeding

In general, improper housing, inadequate feeding, non-planned mating, diseases and reproductive problems are the most common problems in dairy cattle breeding. The research studies outlined that the lack of efficient information systems is one of the barriers in front of a successful dairy business....

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Researches on the Population Dynamics of the Olive Moth, Prays oleae (Bern.) (Lepidoptera: Hyponomeutidae)

The study was carried out in an olive grove about 950 trees in Balcah of Adana. The adult population dynamics of the olive moth, Prays oleae (Bern.) (Lepidoptera: Hyponomeutidae) was monitored using pheromone traps from 2004 to 2005. At the end of this study, the olive moth which constitutes three g...

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A Research on Determination of Spending Aspect of Direct Income Support in Isparta Province

This study was conducted to determine where the farmers spend the Direct Income Support (DIS) receiving from the Government and the level of its spending for agricultural and non agricultural purposes in Isparta Province. Result of this study showed that percentage of DIS spent for agricultural purp...

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The Effects of Shrub Control By Different Methods of Range Improvement on Plant Cover In a Maqui Vegetation

This study was conducted to determine the effects of different herbicides and nitrogen fertilization on plant cover ratio and botanical composition based on basal cover area of a maqui vegetation in Cukurova Region during the years of 2000 and 2002. The Experiment was arranged in a randomized compl...

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Effects of Postharvest Hot Water Treatments on Storage of Apples

Different chemicals are used on Horticultural crops in order to prevent them from postharvest decay. Spraying, mixing with wax or impregnated on wrapping paper are some type of usage that process. However there are negative effects of these chemicals on people healt and pollunation of enviorement in...

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The Comparision of Fiber Properties on Standart Cotton Varieties Grown in Çukurova, Southeastern and Aegean Region

This study was carried out to determine quality differences between Turkish standard cotton varieties which were grown in Aegean. Cukurova and Southeastern regions in 1999-2000-2001. The samples for fiber properties were collected from total 10 locations o f these regions; 4 locations Nazilli, Soke,...

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Suitability of Different Cotton Varieties to Machinery Harvest in Southeastern Anatolian Region Conditions

Although cotton is economically important crop, the cotton harvesters haven't been used effectively yet in Turkey. Due to the lack of qualified hand labor it is expected that the cotton harvesters will be used commonly in the near future. In this study six cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) varieties we...

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Organic Minerals in Animal Nutrition

Trace minerals have traditionally been supplemented to animal diets as inorganic salts. In recent years, there lias been considerable in the use of chelated or organic trace minerals in animal diets. This interest has been stimulated by reports of improved growth, reproduction and health in ruminant...

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Constructional Properties, Mechanization Applications, Problems and Solution Suggestion of Poultry Houses of B roiler Chickens in Cukurova Region

The aim of this study was to develop suggestions for probable problems by determining the constructional conditions of poultry houses for broiler chickens, mechanization applications and problems in Cukurova region. The study was conductcd in 104 poultry houses exist in 43 broiler chicken enterprise...

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The Reproductive Performance of Holstein Cattle Which Kept Intensive Dairy Unit Located Cukurova Region

In this study, in 30 year period (1973-2003) data were avaiblc from Black and White (BW) cattle breed kept at Research and Production Unit o f the University Cukurova Faculty o f Agricullture. In the study, 1655 parturation, 4717 breeding records were analysed and the results were discussed to asses...

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Determining The Parameters For Application Of Fan-Ped System İn The Tunnel Type Ventilation Systems İn Poultry Houses

Studies that have been made for decreasing the negative effect of excessive heat on animals during summer breeding periods lead to new solutions at designing environmental control systems in poultry houses. Tunnel ventilation is one of the common systems which are used for achieving optimum environm...

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Nutritive Values and Mineral Contents of Salted Yoghurt

Salted yoghurt is a dairy product which is usually obtained by cooking and salting at from either directly from yoghurts made from different milks or from concentrated yoghurt. This research was planned to see the effects of different milk types and drainage process applied during production of salt...

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Eight New Records for Turkey and Researchs on Systematic and Faunistic of Terellinae (Tephritidae:Diptera) in the South West Anatolian Region of Turkey

In this study, Terellinae specimens collected in South West Anatolian Region of Turkey between May 1999 and June 2002. In collected specimens 16 species belonging to 4 genus (Chaetorellia , Chaet ostomella, Orellia, and Terellia) were determined. Among the collected species Chatorellia carthami Sta...

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Production, Consumption and Foreign Trade of Maize in Turkey

In this study, Turkey’s maize production, consumption and foreign trade were studied between 1980- 2001 and projections for the future were made. Turkey’s maize production lias been increasing since 1980, however production still is not at a desired level. The use of hybrid seeds since the 1980’s ...

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Investigations On Biological Control Of Tomato Stem Rot Caused By Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora In The Eastern Mediterranean Region

In this study biological control possibilities were investigated in controlling stem rot disease caused by Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora. Putative antagonists were isolated from soil samples obtained from tomato growing greenhouses in Adana province. Biological control studies were carried o...

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Fauna of Ennominae (Geometridae: Lepidoptera) in the Eastern Mediteranean Region Of Turkey

As a result of the study, 31 species were determined belonging to 30 genera of the Ennominae. Among them, two species Ennomos freidbergi Hausmann and Isturgia berytaria Staudinger are new records for Turkey. Also, 16 species Apochima Jlabellaria Heeger, Aleucis distinctata Herrich-Schaffer, Biston s...

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Release and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Egg Parasitoid Trissolcus semistriatus Nees (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) on the Biological Control of Sunn Pest

Parasitoid species and parasitization rates on the Sunn pest eggs in İslahiye (Gaziantep) between 2001-2002 in released and unreleased wheat fields were compared by releasing of parasilizid Sunn pest eggs with Trissolcus semistriatus Nees at four different (650, 1300, 1950, 2600/decare) population d...

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The Effect of Different Host Plants on Immature Development Time and Mortality of Eurydema ventrale Kit.

The development time of immature stages, and mortality of Eurydema ventrale Kit. were evaluated at 27 ± 1 °C 70 ±10 % relatively humidity on different host plants. The shortest immature development time of the pest was 28.8 d on caper, 29.8 d on wild mustard and 34.3 d on radish. The highest death...

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Effect of Mechanical Properties on the Bruise Susceptibility of Peaches

In this study, variation in the mechanical properties (bio-rupture force, modulus of elasticity, and failure energy and deformation) depending on duration of storage of Dixired peaches was experimentally investigated. Furthermore, relationship between the mechanical properties and bruise susceptibil...

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