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The Role Of Co-Operatives In Adoption And Extension Of Agricultural Innovations In Organisations Of Animal Husbandry In The District Of Düziçi Of Osmaniye Province

This study investigated the role of co-operatives in extension and adoption of agricultural innovations in organisations of animal husbandry in the district of Düziçi, Osmaniye. Local agricultural activities were investigated by collecting data using questionnaires with owners of 116 animal husbandr...

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Fishery Production and Marketing Structure In Trabzon

In this study, Trabzon province's fishery and marketing structures were investigated. How the maritime lines provide fishery products by aquaculture and catching, possessed or not possessed facilities and the encountered problems during the production process were revealed. Also, the data was gather...

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Rural Youth Continuing To High School Education And Gender: Adana Province

This study has been conducted in order to introduce the ideas of the rural youth at high school, about gender roles. The high school students' groups in the plains, mountains and threshold villages in the province of Adana have been included in the study. According to the results of the study, it w...

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Regional Growth Dynamics: Local Economic Growth Factors In Gaziantep Province

In this study, in order to determine the dynamics affecting the regional economic development of Gaziantep, economic development level and effective factors in the province's economic development in the light of new growth theories were brought out. Intensity of foreign trade, innovations, industria...

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The Role Of Agricultural Extension Project In Agricultural And Rural Devolopment And Its Effectiveness: Example Of Şanliurfa Province

The purpose of this study is to search the role of agricultural advisors and their effectiveness in rural development. In Turkey the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs run the project which is titled "Promote Agricultural Extension" Project (Tar-Gel) In this project Agricultural Engineers an...

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Evaluation Of Biodiesel Production And Utilization Of Biodiesel As An Alternative Source Of Energy From The Point Of View Of Turkish Agriculture And EU Adaptation Process

This study aims to evaluate production and utilization of biodiesel as an alternative source of energy both in terms of Turkish agriculture and EU adaptation process. Research area covers Tekirdağ, Adana, Çanakkale, Balıkesir and Osmaniye provinces, where rapeseed, the raw material of biodiesel, is ...

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Use Of Territorial Products In Regional Development: Divle Tulum Cheese Case

In this study a completed regional development Project was analyzed. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the outcomes of the project (My Cheese Divle), which was implemented through the grants of the European Union, based on the primary data obtained from the beneficiaries of the project ...

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Development Of Agricultural Support Policies In Turkey

In this study, the development of agricultural support policies was examined in a historical viewpoint. The support policies from the early Republic era up to today were evaluated according to historical periods depending on important political and social events occurred, also the answer to the ques...

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The Structure Of Citrus Marketing And The Problems In The Province Of Adana

In this study, in the province of Adana, the marketing and marketing problems of citrus are investigated. Approximately 70% of citrus production of Turkey is made in Adana, Mersin and Hatay and in these provinces Adana comes the first in production of citrus with nearly 29% production volume. With t...

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Assessment Of İmproving Agricultural Extension Project Applications (TAR-GEL) In Adana

This study is done to bring forth the originating point of the TAR-GEL Project, its objectives and how appropriate are the activities of the agricultural consultants to the Project objectives who are assigned for the TAR-GEL Project, how well they perform the duties bestowed upon them; to bring fort...

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Current Stuation Of Contractual Seed Corn Production Signed In Kinik County Of İzmir Provience And Its Economical Assessment

This study is aimed to show the existing situation of the maize seeding in certain region in 2005, to expose running of the system, to analyze the applications in production of contractual maize seeding, to determine problems in the applications of maize seeding production and propose solutions, eva...

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Economic And Social Effects Of Support Through Cooperatives To Dairy Farms: Case Of Adana Province

The aim of this study is to assess dairy farming project carried out by cooperatives in terms of both producers and cooperatives, to determine problems and to make some recommendations. Data obtained in the study was evaluated using Factor Analysis, Data Envelopment Analysis and ANOVA Test. Accordin...

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Analysis of Wholesale Prices of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In Adana Province

In this study, the relations among the prices and the amount of some fresh fruits and vegetables, which were presented by Adana city Wholesale Market for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables during the year 2008, were analyzed. 12 products are discussed within the scope of the study and namely (tomatoes, cu...

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Economic Analysis of Durum Wheat Production in Mardin

The aim of this study was to determine the socio-economic characateristics, input levels, production factors, production economics and marketing channels of durum wheat farms in Mardin. Durum wheat production accounts for about 15 % of the total Turkey production. For this reason 77 durum wheat pro...

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Identification and Characterization of Viruses Causing Diseases in Some Winter Vegetables Grown in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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  • Viral

This study was carried out to detect the viruses and determine their prevalence on winter vegetable species (lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, radish) cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean region between 2007-2012. Samples were taken from 808 lettuce, 330 cabbage, 225 spinach, 65 radishes an...

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Tingidae (Hemiptera) Species And Their Parasitoıds And Predators In Agricultural And Non-Agricultural Areas Of Diyarbakir, Mardin And Elazığ Provinces And The Determination Of The Biology And Population Development Of Species That Cause Serious Damage

In this study, Tingidae (Hemiptera) species and their parasitoids and predators in agricultural and non-agricultural areas of Diyarbakır, Mardin and Elazığ provinces and the biology of Monosteira lobulifera Reuter and population development of Monosteira unicostata (Mulsant & Rey) and M. lobulifera ...

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Role of Agricultural Extension In Clonal Apple Growing : A Case Study Of Çumra District In Konya Province

Clonal apple growing is one of the main agricultural activity for farmers in Çumra, Konya. A survey was conducted in Çumra province with 42 growers to find out their agricultural information sources. Findings related to socio-economic characteristics showed that %51,23 of the respondents were younge...

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The Effects Of Policies Implemented Between 2000 and 2010 Period To Tobacco Farmers In Adıyaman Province

In this study, the world tobacco market and Turkey's position in this sector, policies of main producer and consumer countries and changes related to economic structure of Adıyaman's tobacco farmers which are occurred after policies implemented between years of 2000 and 2010 are examined. Datas obt...

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Women Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas of Osmaniye

he participation of the women, who constitute half the world's population and the potential workforce and have to stay out of the working life due to gender-based obstacles, on the economy building their own business declines the unemployment and significantly supports the economical spurt. As in ma...

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People's Opinion About Wind Power Plants In Rural Areas : Case Study In Hatay

The demand of electricity in Turkey grows everyday. Turkey has to import electric energy from outside or use renewable energy resources. Turkey has plenty of renewable energy resources which are still not utilized. Wind energy is one of those alternative energy resources which help development in Tu...

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