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Evaluation Of Developments In World Agricultural Trade In Terms Of Export Competition Of Turkish Citrus Sector

In this study, developments in trade area for agriculture and citrus market are evaluated in the globalized world and profitability and competitiveness of the products of citrus fruits, lemons and oranges, were calculated. Within the scope of this research, based on 2009-2010 arketing period survey...

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Clustering and Its Application to the Terms of Rural and Agricultural Development in Turkey

Recently in Turkey, various studies are made concerning the adoption and implementation of clustering approach especially in the regions which have sectoral agglomerations. These studies draw special attention as they indicate the presence of a serious inquiry and motivation related to territories ...

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Evaluation of Free Agricultural Advisory System in Adana with Common Aspects

This study was prepared in order to show general problems of free agriculture consultants and their performance in accordance with guideline. It is based on common aspects of free agriculture consultants that take responsibility for this consultant service and agricultural extension from related ins...

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Agricultural Insurance and Evaluation of World and Turkish Practices

It is well known that history of agricultural insurance practices date back some time in 18th century. The first practices of agricultural insurance, which started in Europe, failed since insurance agencies did not have reliable statistical data about climate, risks, crops, soil structure, etc and s...

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Supply Analysis of Red Meat in Turkey

In this study, red meat supply of Turkey between 1991 and 2011 was analyzed. For this purpose, historical development of the livestock sector in Turkey was reviewed and an econometric model was established. In the first part of the study, production and trade information of livestock obtained from ...

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Soybean Production, Consumption and Marketing in Turkey

In this study, Turkey's soybean market, production, consumption, foreign trade, demand, prices, policy and marketing are evaluated. Soybean production, which follows a fluctuating course with periodical increases and decreases, does not have a stable structure. Soybean production, which increased t...

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Research On Determination Of Cotton, Corn And Soybean Planted Areas At A Selected Part Of The Yuregir Plain By Using Digital Satellite Data Of The Landsat 5 TM

The aim of this study was to determine spectral characteristics of the cotton, soybean and corn growing plots at Yüregir region in 2003 by means of the digital data from the Landsat 5 TM Satellite. For this purpose, spectral characteristics of cotton, soybean and corn were determined at the six ban...

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The Possibility Of Using Organic And Inorganic Materials To Increase Productivity Of Eroded Soils

It is well known that the intensive use of chemicals in agricultural production systems causes important environmental problems in both soil quality and human health. Therefore, recently use of organic fertilizer is so popular and compared to chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture. The ai...

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The Effect Of Different Host Plant Species And Growth Media On Mycorrhizae Production And Quality

The aim of this study was to provide a good quality mycorrhizae at the quantities using different mycorrhizal peaces, host plant and plant growth medium. The experiment was carried out at University of Cukurova, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science, under greenhouse conditions. Maize a...

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The Effect Of Varying Nitrogen Doses At Different Periods To The Nitroen Use Efficiency, Grain Yield And Quality Of The Corn Genotypes At Cukurova Conditions

This study, for solving the issues of effective uptake of nitrogen, optimum application dose and time within the Çukurova region, aimed to determine a) effect of N fertilisation to plants development, dry matter production and grain yield at three different times with four varying doses; b) plants N...

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Investigation Of Low Temperature Stress In Tomato In Respect To Antioxidative Mechanisms

Low temperature stress is a major environmental factor limiting plant productivity. Low temperature stress causes severe depressions in yield in greenhouse grown tomato. In this thesis study 137 different tomato genotypes were screened for their efficiency to grow under low temperatures. In genotype...

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Reactions of Corn Genotipes Against Phosphorus and Zinc Fertilization Under the Greenhouse Conditions on the GAP Soil

In this study our aim was to evaluate fertility potential of GAP soils after starting the regional irrigation program and corn genotipes for phosphorus and zinc fertilizations. For this aim we used three different corn genotipes, five different phosphorus levels and three different zinc levels. Pho...

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Determination Of Pesticides Residue Levels in Some Fruits, Vegetables and Dried Foods Samples In Aegean Region

In this study, some pesticide residues of fruit-vegagatable (strawbery, tomato, artichok, fig, cherry, potato, peach, grapes, olive) and dried food (dried fig, raisen) samples were investigated which taken from local markets and wholesale markets in different part of Aegean area. In these samples, f...

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Creating Land Use Map For The Lands Of Observation And Application Farm Of Agriculture Faculty By Using Quickbird Satellite Datas

In this study, current land use maps were created and the study that was made by aır photography was updated for the Observation and Application Farm of Agriculture Faculty in Çukurova University. The pan- sharpened image of 0.6m. resolution was obtained by matching the panchomatic and multispectral...

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The Effects of Different Compost Processes On Two Different Growing Environments on Plant Nutrient Elements Uptake and Mycorrizae Infection Quality of Clover and Onion Plants

The aim of this research is two different mycorrizae (Glomus intradices, Glomus clarium) using two different growth conditions to investigate the effects of various compost applications on clover and onion plant's growth, nutrient uptake and mycorrizae infection. The study was carried out under gree...

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Soil Pollution and Remediation of Polluted Soils

Pollutants accumulation in soils has an important influence not only on the fertility of soils and functions of ecosystem but also on the health of animals and human beings via food chains. Soil pollution is increasingly becoming a global problem with the industry, mining activity and other human ac...

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A Study On Some Minerals Which Are Usable In Ecological Agriculture And Their Activation With Mycorrhizae And Compost

The aim of study was to the determine the effects of the fertilizer sources such as rocks, organics and mycorrhizae on the growth of maize and clover plants and nutrient uptake. The experiment was carried out under greenhouse conditions at University of Çukurova, Faculty of Agriculture, Department o...

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Existence, Distribution Of Silicon In Plants And Soils And Its Importance For Human Health

According to the recent research results, the problems due to the lack of micro element have grown remarkably. Amongst these, the shortage of silicon has been an important problem for plants such as rice and sugarcane and animals such as rat and chicks. Not all of the plants need silicon to complete...

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The Providing Adaptation Of Natural Mycorrhizae To Cultural Plant Growth

The aim of the thesis that to provide culture plant adaptation to salty soil condition with reproduced natural mycorrhizae. The experiment was carried in Rizospher Laboratory and greenhouse conditions out at University of Cukurova, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science. During the study...

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Determination of Sulphur Uptake Capacities of Wheat Genotypes and its Distribution Within the Plant

Research works reveal the increased incidence of sulfur deficiency in soil and plant, and corresponding decreases in both yield and quality of crops were reported. In dealing with sulfur defciency, its use effciency by plant and its distribution among the tissues, as well as the uptake capacities of...

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