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Imbros Sheep farming in Gokceada: The potential for Organic Farming

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Imbros Sheep farming in Gokceada: The potential for Organic Farming

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In Imbros sheep breeding system applied, to be considered as a semi-wild conditions, Imbros sheep remain as different size groups in the fields of natural shelter throughout the year in different parts of the islands determined by themselves and they feed only on pasturelands. Sheep only are captured once a year, they are tagged and sheep are considered as “crop” are marked and given to owners. Imroz sheep peculiar to the island has small body and high milk yield and reproductive efficiency and...

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Aynur KONYALI Gürbüz DAŞ Türker SAVAŞ . İ. Yaman YURTMAN


Animal Production


Organic animal husbandry, small ruminants, animal husbandry, sheep breeding, Imbros sheep, sheep breeds

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