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Bovine Growth Hormone Gene Polymorphism In Turkish Indigenous Breeds

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Bovine Growth Hormone Gene Polymorphism In Turkish Indigenous Breeds

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In the present study it was determined that genotype and allele frequencies for bovine growth hormone gene polymorphisms of five Turkish indigenous breeds and one exotic breed by PCR-RFLP methodology. A total of 125 genomic DNA isolated from five Anatolian breeds (YK-Anatolian Black, BI-Anatolian Grey, Ki- Kilis, AS- Anatolian Yellow, DAK- East Anatolian Red) and one exotic breed (SA-Siyah Alaca) were genotyped for bGH gene polymorphism. Three genotypes were obtained to the result of Msp I diges...

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Cihan Tabak Baklacı


Animal Breeding and Genetics


bovine growth hormone gene polymorphism, Anatolian indigenous cattle breeds, PCR-RFLP

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