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Grizzly juniper tree (Juniperus excelsa)

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Grizzly juniper tree (Juniperus excelsa)

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An overall appearance of a "grizzly juniper" (Juniperus excelsa) tree. While grizzly juniper seem like a big bush when they are young, they are evolved form of tree (Juniperus excelsa),. They are also known as "tall juniper" or "high juniper" because the trees can grow up to 6-20 m in length (and sometimes 25 m) and 2 meters in diameter. The crown of the tree can be a large conical, round or irregular in shape. There are two types of leaf form. While there are 8-10 mm long young leaves on shoo...

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Zeynel Cebeci


Geography, Forestry Related


pinaceae, Taurus montains, tall juniper, grizzly juniper

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This resource is licensed under the license(CC-BY-NC-ND) Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported

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