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Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database

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Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database

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The aim of this site is on one hand to facilitate the work of researchers and members of the public who attempt to sort the common names of plants and associate them with their corresponding botanical names. On the other hand this site aims at building the growing number of multilingual and multiscripted resources on the internet with the ultimate goals of improving international communication, improving communication between lay people and scientists and linking people with a common interest in...

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Zeynel Cebeci


Plant Science, Forestry Related, Life Sciences


plants, plants names, botany, ethnobotany, biology, multilingual plant names, database, index

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Senior High (15-17), Undergraduate (18-21), Graduate (21-), Adult (18-)

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This resource is licensed under the license(CC-BY-NC-ND) Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported

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