TrAgLor - Turkish Agricultural Learning Objects Repository

how to add objects

You can contribute the Turkish Agricultural Learning Objects Repository (TrAgLor) in different ways. You can:

  • Enter a learning object's details by using TrAgLor's object entry form,
  • Build a metadata for a learning object by using TrAgLor's metadata editor,
  • Upload your already built metadata files to TrAgLor, directly.

Additionally, you can discuss on a metadata and/or general aspects of an existing object which has been recorded to TrAgLor by other contributors.

The metadata and/or other materials which are posted to the TrAgLor will be reviewed for compatibility to LOM standards by our educational and techical editors. When this review process has been completed your contributions will be activated or rejected, and you will get an e-mail about the result of this evaluation phase, finally.

TrAgLor team thanks to all contributors for their invaluable materials, idea, solutions and/or other kind of contributions to the TrAgLor in advance.