TrAgLor - Turkish Agricultural Learning Objects Repository

basic search

Simple search is used to find the objects according to the word(s) in their title. You may enter one or more words in search for textbox. Every word entered into the box must be seperated by one space. However you can enter the characters in uppercase and/or in lowercase they (excluding exact phrase option) are converted to lowercases before beginning of the search process. In simple search you can use one of the three matching options avaliable:

  • All words: In this matching option all of the words entered into the search box are looked, and the objects whose title contains all of the words listed in search result pages.
  • Any of words: This matching option lists all the objects that contains any of the words in their titles.
  • Exact phrase: Exact phrase is a search option, used for finding the objects whose titles contain the words exactly entered into the search for words box. Please note that this option is case sensitive.